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Biggar Rugby Football Club was formed in 1975 by 5 men who had been heavily involved in rugby clubs in their younger days and thought that the area might just stand a chance of raising a new social rugby club. These were Dr. Mike Bewsher (Melrose), Richard Carr (Harlequins), Les Clerihew (Stewarts College), Archie Stott (Hawick Trades) and Tom Wight (Melrose).


28 years later, at the end of season 2003/2004, the Club found itself promoted to the top division in Scotland for season 2004/2005. Naturally, the media thought Biggar would drop straight back down into the 2nd division of the Scottish Premiership for the 2005/2006 season. It was, after all, a small town club with no real affiliation to anywhere. The Club happened to be in the Edinburgh District set up but certainly was not in Edinburgh. The Edinburgh clubs think it really belongs in the Borders. But while on the fringes of the Scottish Borders, it is certainly not in the Borders, although the Border clubs do try to make Biggar feel at home, with intense rivalry when they play Biggar. Biggar is, in fact, in South Lanarkshire, which is in the old Strathclyde Region of Scotland.


Looking at the map of Scotland, you might be forgiven for casting doubt on the ability of the politicians to map our country sensibly. But our Club does not mind one way or the other, for in the season 2004/2005 they confounded all their critics by ending up in 5th spot in the top Premiership division; no mean achievement for such a young club.


The Club has a fantastic belief in it’s own ability, is backed by a number of coaches, encouraging players of all ages to love the game and the sense of achievement there is to be gained from taking part, from the youngest players at around 6/7 years old all the way through to the ‘over 35s’.  Our oldest player (for the moment) is in his mid-50s.


Normally, of the 1st XV squad of 19 players who normally take to the field each Saturday, 14 or 15 have been with the Club since starting to play the game in the ‘Minis’ under the watchful eye of Mini coach Keith Fulton. Few other Clubs in the Scottish Premiership, if any, could make such a proud claim.


Biggar RFC built its own Clubhouse premises in 1989 and now owns some 30 acres of ground. A new first team pitch was sown a couple of seasons ago, which when drainage is installed will be ready for use by the first XV. It is a thriving club with a good following, its fans often outnumbering the opposition at away games. It presents a close-knit community with a strong family atmosphere at weekends and has supporters from both inside and outside the community, who follow the team to all games.


To learn more about the history of our Club visit the site on a regular basis.


Currently back in Premiership Division II we hope that you will follow our progress during the 2007/2008 season (and beyond) with some interest.

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